Wings of Freedom

People are changing abruptly indeed
I can no longer recognize day from night
And even less what the pandemic taught me
Because I’m used to a lot of sad scenes

I fell to the very bottom
Knowing that this is the last time I look at the lights of a big city
And that it will never be the same again
Because pandemic relationships are worth lives

I try to be optimistic
But it’s not worth it, when I see injustice in the world
Where young people die reluctantly and suddenly
And I only remember the most difficult scenarios of life

In this age, I lie at home
I throw hernias and keep my distance
But I was never willing even before the pandemic
At least talk to some people

When I lost people dear to me
I realized that the pandemic had taught me one thing
Life is so short for everyone
That there is only grave injustice!


Maid Corbic spends most of his free time writing and reading books. His works have been published in numerous portals such as: „Kosovo Peonies“, „Amritanyali Journal“, „“, „VIS Internationaly Magazine“ and many others.