Visiting Doctoral Studentship Scheme

We welcome applications from Visiting Doctoral Students who would like to conduct their research while benefitting from the intellectual support of OCLW and Wolfson College. A visiting Doctoral Studentship grants access to the college's academic community; dining rights in college; access to Wolfson's library; membership of OCLW, and all its events, with the possibility of speaking publicly about their research. 

We do not provide funding (or help in searching for funding) for accommodation, travel or living expenses, or any supervision or teaching. Details of fees for Visiting Doctoral Students can be found here.

Planning your visit

You are able to apply to come for periods of 3 months, up to a maximum of 9 consecutive months. 

The periods are:

  • October - January (Michaelmas Term)

  • January - April (Hilary Term)

  • April - July (Trinity Term)

Dates outside these periods, including the summer vacation, may be considered on request.

Please note that visits are not normally renewable immediately and an extension would require a full application and will be considered alongside other new applications.

Tuition fees are due to the college of (in 2022-23) £1,201 per term OR £3,603 per 9-month academic year (October - June), to be pro-rated according to the length of visit.

Please see the table below for when applications are due.

How to apply

In the first instance, please send the following to - please state in your email what term(s) you would like to visit for:

  • statement of the research you will undertake during the Visiting Scholarship (maximum 2 pages)
  • curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages)

These documents will be reviewed internally by OCLW before we can support any application to Wolfson College's Fellowships & Members Committee, therefore OCLW’s deadline is two weeks earlier than the college deadline for Visiting Doctoral Student applications.

If we choose to support your application through to the college committee stage, you will also need to complete an application form and supply college with:

  • Evidence of current enrolment as a doctoral student at another university
  • Evidence of current right to study in the UK, including appropriate visa (as applicable)*
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cover expenses whilst in Oxford

Further details about these is available at
Note: if the first stage of your application is approved by OCLW, we will provide a supporting statement from a Proposer, as required at the committee stage.

Closing dates

Intended period as Visiting Doctoral Student OCLW to receive expression of interest Full application due to Wolfson College
October - January 11 March 01 April
January - April 11 August 01 September
April - July 10 November 01 December