Friends of the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing

As well as being a leading centre for research, OCLW aims to bring its work into the community wherever possible. Most of our events, talks and podcasts are free, and we work with disadvantaged social groups, schools and with children with learning difficulties to use life-writing to aid communication, tell stories, educate and build confidence. We believe research and creativity should be available to everyone, whatever their social background. The Centre is entirely reliant on the support of its friends and donors to enable its work, and we are hugely grateful to the network of supporters who help it to continue.

You can support the work we do by becoming a Friend of OCLW. As thanks for your kind generosity, you will be invited to exclusive events, lectures, and receptions, as well as as our termly Friends of OCLW Book Club. Membership starts from £10/month, and can be made monthly, annually, or as a one-off donation.

Click here to make a donation and become a Friend of OCLW

(This link will open in a new tab - please edit the amount to your preferred level, see notes below.)

Click here to make a donation and become a Friend of OCLW


(This link will open in a new tab - please edit the amount to your preferred level.)


Enter how much you would like to give and whether you would like to make a recurring or one-off donation.

If you make a one off donation we will add you to the Friends scheme at a level and for a time frame that matches your donation (for example, if you make a donation of £60, we will consider you a Cherwell Friend for 6 months). Please note the the default amount is set to £20 a month, but if you would like to attend the Friends of OCLW Life-Writing Discussion Group you will need to edit this to at least £30 a month.


Summary of Friend Scheme Memberships


Cherwell Friend Donating between £10 and £49 per month OR £120 and £599 per year Friends of OCLW Writing and Community Group; privileged access to events, booklaunches; updates on our termly programme.
Linton Friend Donating over £50 per month OR £600 per year, up to £999 As above, plus be recognised for your support at an annual Linton Lecture, after which we will invite you to join the OCLW scholars and directors for a private informal post-lecture reception.
Chadlington Supporter Making an annual donation of £1000 or more As above, plus personal updates from Hermione, Elleke, and Kate on the Centre's progress, and additional opportunities to get to know the scholars and be recognised for their support.