It is June 1563 and I can hear a human voice calling ‘bring out your dead’ 
It is the second plague since the 14th century because you kept the streets of London filthy dirty. 
Rat fleas were everywhere and they bit you – hard. 
Yersinia Pestis Bacterium it was and I remember it well. 

There have been many major pandemics since then and you have cleaned yourselves up. 
But you treat your animals like rats from the gutter and they have brought terrible deaths amongst you. 

And now you have the worst pandemic of all and through your stupidity many have died and 
will continue to do so. This disease will, eventually, die just like the others, and you stupid 
people will gather up and start over again. 

But the worst is yet to come. 
What you have now is nothing compared to your future. 
If you continue to behave the way you do towards me and use me as your dustbin, I will wipe out every animal on Earth. 

Then I will flood your cities. 
Staying indoors, ha! That will not help you. 
Build an ark, and I will rip it to pieces with a hurricane that you have never seen before! 

You are safe. So do not worry, it is your children and your children’s children, they will pray to die. 
I have given you life. A beautiful planet, food and shelter, and this is how you repay me? 
You will never be satisfied will you? I will go on giving life when you are all dead and gone, 
And history will no doubt repeat itself. It is getting close. 

WAKE UP NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE and treat me and everything else on this planet 
with respect. 

Mother Earth.