A Parasol’s Lament

My straw is brittle, sun bleached, frayed
nobody about to use my shade
I stand and stare out to sea
many others here just like me
abandoned, unwanted, without a claim
not a euro to our name.

Where are the bodies of yesteryear?
that spread themselves without fear
under my protective cover
mums, dads, kiddies, a lover
dozing and dreaming in the midday heat
sparkly flip flops, pedicured feet.

A dozen languages from many a land
bright towels, swimsuits full of sand. 

Ah well, the sea always shimmers so blue
The sun will blaze on, strong and true.
We parade together, and we wait
Governments will decide our fate.

Jill Davis was inspired to write this on a 'Staycation' theme, set for a local poetry competition. She won!