Frosty Lace Curtain Unveils the Fathoms of the Sea


Frosty lace curtain mists my view on a rainy window pane.
Rain tapping on the door to my Soul
Rain and I intermingle at the windowpane,
and in my own pain I am gifted long-lost treasure.
Tap Tap Tap ever so lightly 
You visit like an angel on my windowpane
We are separated by a thin sheathe
I am aware and yet unaware
The teardrop sonata fuses with my state
White, frosty lace curtain mists my view
Entranced by the rolling of droplets
Unhurriedly rippling from place to place
Me across the room for a task
Rain across the windowpane
Yearning to meet its destination
To unhinge the stone door to my Soul
Inly in this agony of slowness, breathless
I am reduced to a rambling pure raindrop
"Open your heart" says the Guru
All those years, I never asked "how?"
Pro-found Fathoms of the Sea
Cracks in the sea are like cracks in your heart, hidden until you reach the bottom.
Fathoms beneath my bed
Covers blanket my existence
I am here more hours in a day than not
I drop through a gap into a trench
Beneath reality, surreal, profound
Low levels of oxygen to my brain
Allow me to enter an altered state
Consciousness rules separate
Once beyond the veil, Maya has less grip
I am not in her world anymore
Wordy, worldly ties fray, meaning-less
I am in OM entering the sacred passage
Beauty becomes my companion
Here in the fathoms of the Sea
Her arms embrace me, comfort me
My prayers are answered


Unveiling OM
The Cosmic breath gradually reaches me.
"You call me, I call you."
I call upon the Cosmos for comfort
A humpback whale appears
In my mind, I call Ommm
I am not sleeping, but I am vigilant
My inner eat vibrates, OMMM
Through the song of the humpack 
I send out my call again "om, om"
Faint sounds of angelic "OM, OM"
Swirl on the current, closer and closer
I try to inhale its "prana" life force
Humpvack dives deeper, winking at me
I fall in a deeper daydream, blurred vision
I can only follow its song
Fused with the "OM, OM, OM"
I repeat in my mind, om, om, om
I feel a soft veil brush up against my face
Energy changes, where am I now?


Rosalinda Ruiz Scarfuto, PhD is a native Californian, published poet, multimedia artist. She is a poet-painter and researcher investigating the 3D poetic canvas with tactile perception. Rosalinda began her artistic career with ceramics and poetry. She has lived and traveled from Japan to Spain walking the land including the Himalayas and Kenyan bush. Her first trip around the world was a 5-year sojourn completed by the age of 26. Over the years she has continued studying ceramics adding photography, Hanga, painting and jazz to her repertoire. Her prolonged stays in Asia fostered her Buddhist philosophy. Rosalinda is never far from her roots in California and is available for international workshops about the Forest Flaneur methodology she developed in her doctoral thesis. Covid-19 was devastating in 2020 for Rosalinda, so she wrote a journal to recover and passed on her wisdom to others through poetry and prose finding a new style of writing.