When it was raining

Walking out into the rain you smile, stretch out your hand,
Let the drops in its palm slip along your fingers like mermaid’s hair.
Between the murmurs of the falling water 
we hear the sigh of the Earth, silenced into consent.
Our thoughts join together like a clasp of a locket, 
memories come teeming down out of the dust of time.

I remember how we sat together, paused in that moment of premonition,
Suddenly transparent, no longer separate, wordless, utterly changed,
Halted by this thirsty garden, the rain in its cloudy huddle rolling in the sky,
The hazy mist veiling the river like the wings of Olympian Swan .

I believe in you, my love, as I believe in rain, that it will come. More than that,
As I believe in sun, that it will come after rain, more than that.
You happening to me is better than all the riches, glories, salutes of the world,
You are my way of answering back to what my lost dreams are.

The garden is green and glistening and christened again,
The showered air finely chiselled into watery enclosures, 
The lawn blessed with a drop on every blade of the grass,
That glittering like an angel on the point of a needle,
My lady’s mantle draped in new pearls, 
birds starting to come out, stopping for a drink –
There are joys to be had, the joys of us. 

Liliana A. Pasterska