Return Voyage Home

Sunday, rest and relaxation,
Nostalgic thoughts and past reflection,
Festivals, family gatherings and get togethers,
It felt like it would last forever.

Now we sit in our own, lone ships,
Waiting to sail ashore,
Like planes circling above an airport runway,
Will we return to the life we had before?

I try to find comfort in lines and rhymes,
In Keats and a soothing sea,
But all I feel is vexed and tired,
My favourite words do not refresh my mind.

I will never complain about
Just going to that café again.
For now, I will read the “Peace of Wild Things,”
Enjoy leaves and trees in my own back garden.

Freedom! How I long to find a place on a map,
Find a new destination to explore.
I dream of a day I can go to see my friends,
Pick up my keys, walk out the door. 

Tanya Jarrett is an English language teacher who loves poetry, fiction and music. Currently enjoying time in the garden with her three-year-old daughter. Her school is currently closed, so this is a very different life...