Journey to the Skies

‘Journey to the Skies’, a family saga, tells the story of Emma a young and resourceful woman.  In 1896 Cardiff, a booming coal port, is hosting a successful Cardiff Fine Art, Industrial and Maritime Exhibition.    The horrific death of The Balloon Girl at the exhibition is the catalyst for eighteen-year-old Emma’s passion for flight and the beginning of her questioning the role of women in society. 

Emma falls headlong in love with a widower and full of youthful optimism marries him. Ten years and six children later, Emma becomes the driving force of the family. Thwarted by world events and her first-born daughter Emma seizes her chance to successfully influence a new generation – her last-born son and her granddaughter who become pilots in World War 2. 


This contribution was prompted by the 2020: a novel exercise. 

Journey to the Skies cover