It is morning over here

It is morning over here across the equator.

It is night where you are now.

Do you sleep in a room that is green, with green velvet curtains?

In your  Spring, do you dream of a lost Autumn of silver, cold to the skin?

Are your eyes closed now, like wheels on the bottom of the ocean?

Wood smoke curls around the moon here,

It is 2 a.m.

Do you sometimes wake to hear my voice, although I am not there.

Does a three coloured cat ever appear in your garden, and blink at you, with emerald eyes?

I ask, because it is morning here, with a silver moon, an Autumnal Mon,

And a Spring night where you lie sleeping

Surrounded by dreams,

as if in forest of scent

A forest with a green velvet floor.


Wendy Ella Wright is a poet and translator from Australia and many years in Japan.