Hazel in a nutshell

Hazel is the colour of your girlish gaze,
when the sunbeams shine through the iris of your eyes.
Hazel is the secret of your sweetest craving
but also of your bitterest aftertaste.

Do green and brown really make hazel, 
you ponder when mixing colours on the palette.
They will indeed if you choose to portray yourself.

Hazel is the rarity of my daughter’s love
whose thoughts turn green
in one instant like the watered grass
and in the other like a ploughed piece of earth
they revert to a seemingly brown again.

Hazel as in hazelnuts
dipped in a haphazard jumble of oat flakes and dried fruit.
An amalgamated colour that surprisingly fits into a bowl,
it is also the colour that creates the right fill for both of us. 

it is all like a mood ring to me.
A mother-daughter relationship as by nature was defined to be.

Angela Ypsilanti.