Dear Diary

                                 Tuesday, 12th May, 2020

                                  50th day of Lockdown

Dear Diary,                     


            Good Morning!              

Lovely    sweet morning    so light

5th hour of new day

so light    so pastel     quiet      still

no birds yet

        silent garden breathes softly

                                 softly waiting

waiting with me


                    another moment

                                  maybe two


     the Sun

           the Sun is here

                          here to stay

                                      to stay the day

I’ll walk 

      with you

            the blue sky walk

                            be cloud of light


5th hour of new day

hour of writing




And the morning rolled out, naturally, into the whole day of sunny writing -- 

with all the happy breaks -- for musings:

with my husband over a cup of coffee on the different life now;

with my dear widowed friend in a far away country on happiness of marriage that death cannot take away;

with my son who is ill and tries nearly successfully to live as if he was not;

with my husband on Parisian jazz after watching together a film about a new jazz club there; 

with my most dear friend in an email about writing, its ebbs and flows and tempests; editions;

with my husband over the lovely breakfast, lunch and supper that he beautifully cooked;

with my Book Club friends Zooming on the attractions of biography/autobiography/writing/ /BC’s acting genius;

And yes, my writing -- so much time still left now, that we do not have to go out;

the todays lot: an initial re-drafting of Mme R

narrative-poetic vignettes (Childhood, Marriage,

Widow, Mother)

and for tomorrow:

I open my arms wide

to breathe in green scent of the morning

I bow to     blue sky     golden sun

And life    in  blood    I start painting

Brief self portrait

            retired medical professional in London