Beach and Baron

Sea Shell 

I was astounded to see a complete shell on Shoreham Beach. It is now pride of place in my studio. I generally do not take anything from the beach except rubbish, especially as our beach is a site of scientific interest. But it is so beautiful, I was entranced.

It is creamy white with a pink tinge. It is about 7cms across and 6cms height. Observing it at the front, the pointed end, I can see nine pointed spikes, then a about six smaller spikes in the inner circle. From the side view there are three horizontal ridges. Looking at the hollow where the mollusc soft body would be is quite beautiful, mid pink and shiny. The shell is balanced in two points and steady.

I studied an old book hiding in my bookcase and decided it is a Pelicans Foot shell. Actually I shouldn’t be surprised it is intact, the shell is very hard and quite thick compared with say a mussel and its perfectly clean.

So it will stay reminding me of the beach only 400 yards away.

House of Lords pocket tissues

This is a regular size of pocket tissues, there are ten tissues in deep red, and they each have HOUSE OF LORDS in ‘gold’ writing with the portcullis of the House of Lords. It has a sticker for £1.00 stuck on. I picked it up on a visit to the House.

I’ve not used any tissues, they are a memento. A year or so ago I met someone who works in the House, an Assistant to a Lord. She organizes the House of Lords Opera Committee, so I met her because my partner is an opera composer, and conductor. We visited the House for a concert and that’s when I got the tissues.  

Another world. 


Penelope Lloyd.