A Place

A Place is in my Heart.
Leave behind level sounds, dry Earth, 
Slip down that embankment to gurgling ripplings... 
To shallow waters running, clear; cutting a pathway between waving trees... and a surface with dancing highlights in filtered sunlight. 
Little leaves in a variety of hues, ride and bounce down a jaunty tiny waterfall... 
to race on, atop the mirror surface before me, to… nowhere, or somewhere.
Crouch.      Long ago, tears may have dropped, salty...
instantly mixing into the sweet water, soothed , and whisked away.
A fingertip traces a swallowed-up circle -  rings swing out in the water , 
and delight..
How clean and vivid and intriguing, the eternally washed bed of rounded stones, just beneath the surface! 
...each an entity, original, yet combining, resting, unmoved ... curiously striped, or plain.
The shallow water magnifies their shapes, washed in green, translucent mystery ...
A tiny fish flicks fast over and between those stones, heading...somewhere, nowhere... 
Music constantly flows : undisturbed, yet flickering  sounds ..it is the fresh, clean water, coming , coming, from - anywhere..
Tree limbs oversee gently, reaching across, reflecting in patchy patterns on the water ..
Small breezes flit through the grotto ..reminding the soft warmth to move a little.. 

Endless time, thoughts, and dreams float by, 
The water reaches up its coolness to the face, 
peace is fed to the soul,
There is saved, a place within, forever refreshing - 
somewhere, anywhere, always.

Amai. Dream worlds