Tamarin Norwood: Writing a very brief life



Tamarin Norwood discusses her current project: writing the brief life of her son, Gabriel, who died shortly after his birth. Reflecting on her background as an artist and researcher, she talks about the deep coincidences between her doctoral research and her experiences of pregnancy, as well as how pervasive metaphors (to do with sleeping, being underwater, or in the dark) structure our cultural narratives around birth, death, and bereavement.

Content warning: this episode discusses neonatal loss, grief, motherhood, and pregnancy.


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Tamarin Norwood: https://tamarinnorwood.co.uk/  @TamarinNorwood


Works mentioned

Sarah Knott, Mother is a verb (Sarah Crichton Books, 2019).


Artwork by Una.

Edited by Charles Pidgeon.


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