John Schad & Alexandra Harris: Imagining a Modernist Life


John Schad’s experimental biography, Paris Bride: A Modernist Life, mixes fact and fiction as it speculates on the life of one of his ancestors, Marie Schad. Confronted with scant archival fact, John turns to literary pastiche and quotation to imagine her early-twentieth-century life by thinking alongside modernist writers. Long-time friend of the podcast, Alexandra Harris, a writer and literary critic who specialises in literary modernism, joins this discussion to give her insights on the literary context.

Keywords: twentieth-century, modernism, experimental biography, post-criticism, family history.


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John Schad

Book: Paris Bride: A Modernist Life (2020) John is Professor of Modern Literature at the University of Lancaster. See profile.


Alexandra Harris

Website: Twitter: @AlexHHarris


Artwork by Una.

Edited by Charles Pidgeon.


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