When you put on the mask

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'When you put on the mask the thunder starts.
Through the nostril’s orange you can smell
the far hope of rain...'

From Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's 1997 poem Tiger Mask Ritual, about a ritual performed by some Rajasthani hill tribes to ensure rain and a good harvest.

This week's prompt is about what happens, or could happen, when you put on a mask. Is it stifling or liberating; camouflage or performance? 

You could write about the first time you went out wearing a face covering. Or, if you are used to wearing one, you could recount your observations of how others behave now that many more people are out in public wearing a mask. 

We hope that you might find some inspiration in this week's writing prompt but as always if you would like to write something else about your life - a diary entry, poem, your reflections on something else about your life at the moment - we'd be delighted to read whatever you would like to send. To go directly to the submission page and send us your writing, click here