When will things get back to normal?

Flipped flamingoes

That's a question many people must be pondering. Normal. Synonyms: natural, orderly, ordinary, regular, routine. Traditional, typical, average, commonplace. Conventional, unexceptional. Healthy, reasonable, whole, or right. Lucid, or wholesome. But the idea of 'normal' can also be something that excludes, often those who are vulnerable.

For this prompt consider what 'normal' means for you, right now, in the context of your life. Does it mean anything at all? Do you want to get back to it? Should there be a new normal and what might it be like? You could speculate about normality or abnormality, from the everyday to the parallel universe, via autofiction; or simply write about a 'normal' day now, compared to a typical day this time last year.

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