Ethel Sands Still Life With A View 1923

This prompt is inspired by the Ashmolean Museum's Hidden Histories series on Ethel Sands, who was friends with Virginia Woolf and inspired the short story The Lady in the Looking Glass: A Reflection (1929).

'Her mind was like her room, in which lights advanced and retreated, came pirouetting and stepping delicately, spread their tails, pecked their way; and then her whole being was suffused, like the room again, with a cloud of some profound knowledge, some unspoken regret, and then she was full of locked drawers, stuffed with letters, like her cabinets.'

Does your state of mind, like Sands' distraction, seem to reflect something of your current home? Are your books organised by colour? Do you hate the wallpaper and wish you could rip it down? Write a character sketch, like Woolf did, that tells us something about your life at the moment, using this idea of something in a home reflecting the characters that live there. 

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