Life-Writing Day with the English Faculty

1. Panel 1 (chair: Hermione Lee)

Sophie Ratcliffe, 'an exhibition of herself', about her book The Lost Properties of Love, and Bart van Es presents on his memoir The Cut Out Girl. 

2. Panel 2 (chair: Laura Marcus) 

Ros Ballaster, Chair of OEF, Elleke Boehmer, Director of OCLW, and Kate Kennedy, OCLW Research Fellow, outline the English Faculty's recent work in biography and the work of OCLW.

3. Panel 3 (chair: Kate Kennedy)

'A Very Short Introduction' panel on auto/biography, with Hermione Lee on her AVSI Biography, Laura Marcus on Autobiography, and Elleke Boehmer on her AVSI Nelson Mandela. 

4. Panel 4 (chair: Elleke Boehmer)

Marina McKay and Marion Turner discuss their new work in life-writing: McKay's 2018 biography of the soldier critic, Ian Watt, and Turner's new biography of Chaucer. 

5. Panel 5 (chair: Ros Ballaster) 

Rana Mitter, 'Chinese Characters'