12 May is Diary Day!

Diary Day

In 1937 Mass Observation called for people from all parts of the UK to record everything they did from when they woke up in the morning to when they went to sleep at night on 12th May - the day of George VI’s Coronation. 10 years ago they repeated this process. The resulting diaries have become an invaluable resource and offer a wonderful glimpse into the everyday lives of people across Britain. 

You can send your 12 May diaries to Mass Observation, to OCLW, or to us both:

  • Mass Observation have their own method for accepting Diary Day submissions, including templates you can download and use if you wish. Their submission process is explained here.
  • If you would like your diary to be included in our LIVE writing project as well, please send it to us in the usual way, here.

Due to the university's ethics guidelines we can't pass any diaries we receive to Mass Observation, but we hope you won't mind on this one occasion sending copies to both projects.